"CRAIG HARTLEY/Books on Tape V. 1: This jazz piano man waited until he was 31 to unleash a record like this? Whew. How is he going to top himself? A swinger with a bigger storehouse of energy than a gas refinery, Hartley is in the tradition all the way but he's also his own man all the way. An utterly killer piano trio date that should be in as many cardio emergency rooms as defibrillators, you are going to be wondering when this bad cat has been all your life. Chalk this up as one of the great debuts of all time" — Midwest Record

"The gent is only 31 but will have Jarrett and Corea stepping back, uttering a daunted 'Whoa!'... if they haven't already." — Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

small multiples

"This track [...] has got really big balls and really makes me smile. The tone and vibes are just great." — Andy Mort - Right Chord Music, Lost On Radio

"Craig Hartley and Eli Friedmann combine their talent and experience to bring you a style of music that merges multiple genres to visually stimulate the mind while preserving the integrity of each, as the term 'small multiples' suggests." — "The Deli Magazine" Michael Haskoor

"[The] conglomeration and integration of numerous influences on this EP makes for a fascinating and rewarding experience." — Jonah Radyio, The Nerdist

"The duo’s electrical sounding music impressively works to add the character to the EP, especially with the distorted guitars and vocals. This air of technological genius works well to characterise the band as brilliantly individual." — We are unseen (UK)